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My Info.....

My name is SARAH ELI, I am 20 years old,and an aspiring fashion designer and model....I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR WORK IN THE INDUSTRY.Traveling is not a problem.I have modeled for five years,in everything from fashion shows/runway,still photos,magazines,newpapers,etc.I studied fashion in college and attended fashion seminars where I learned to walk/pose/etc. I am available for paying,legit work after the first of august. Anyone interested in having me work for them can email me at Serious inquiries only, no scams, or unprofessional photographers. I have an agent who accompanies me on most calls and can be emailed at My dayrates vary depending on type of work and length of work. I am updating my portfolio currently so keep checking my site for new, better quality prints. Also, I prefer to have a makeup artist on site, but can provide my own. Sarah Eli

My STATS: hair:blonde,medium length eyes:hazel weight:103 height:5"4 i know.... bust:36 waist:26 hips:28 shoe:7 dress:3 comments:very pretty,good skin,teeth,eyes...four small japenese tattoos,no peircings.

ALSO, MODAINC7 has started a NEWSLETTER for up and coming models, it contains tips, how to avoid scams, terminology, contests, contacts, etc, for amateur models. It is only $10 for the entire year, and includes a contest for model of the month. The winner will be posted on the web and in the letter via snail mail. Anyone interested can email or